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heating platen plates

We are the organized manufacturer of Heating Platen Plates for Hydraulic Press.
We have good infrastructure with best machinery of era.
As now time is changed and generation is changing one should need to work in a new way.

We have good know-how of making Press Heating Plates.
Our Product is made from material required as per world standard.
We are also inspect all the plates by Ultra Test, and all materialogy by sepctrometer as well.

By matching exact required QC parameters, will give good Heat Transfer rate, and avoiding early Cracking problems and hence increase self-life of the Platen.

Highlights of Product :
1) Raw material is inspect by Ultrasonic,
2) Chemical Composition is inspected by Spectrometer.
3) All 6 Sides are machined by Milling Cutter Body for Good Surface finish,
4) Obstacle free Deep Holes for smooth fluid circulations, and for better thermodynamic properties.
5) All side Right angled on Boring Machine for better seats,
6) All Platen Fine Grounded if required by customers.
7) Each Platen is marked with ID Number and QC report for each plate will be given along with product

We supply Platen as per our clients MOC, and all material testings are conducted by third party NABL approved metal laboratory to get trusted reports. Our Size Range of product is 3000 mm X 2250 mm.

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